Healthy, non-bacterial foam cup!
EPS products are completely healthy. Neither production nor use of EPS is unhealthy. The use of EPS products in food sector is regulated by getting published in Government Bulletin of German Ministry of Health on 01.02.1978. In this publication, it is stated that no kind of EPS products has a negative effect on the food material in terms of smell, taste.

High-quality, reliable, ergonomic, hand-friendly foam cups!
Metrosan provides practical, suitable to all environments, modern and aesthetical solutions with the foam cups produced for you.

Eco-friendly, biodegradable, recyclable foam cups!
EPS does not dissolve in water and does not infect water. It is recyclable. EPS packaging material can be torn into pieces and grinded to be reused in the production. It can easily be destroyed through burning it off. Prof. Hoching from Canada Victoria University proved that EPS products are really eco-friendly.